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Choose a product basis your business needs and raise capital up to ₹ 5 crores to unlock your full potential.


We simplify Debt Funding

We create, customise and cater to working capital vacuums across industries

Transparent Working

Complete clarity on fund raise and investment product terms.

Diverse Products

Different finance products for different business and investment needs.

Simplified Processes

Financial transactions made simpler to promote mutual trust.

Active Risk Monitoring

Continous risk mitigation through careful due diligence.

Join our Mission

to ease Capital Flow across industries

Raise Capital

Collateral-free and flexible financing in less than a week!
Right from early-stage start-ups to industry leaders we understand your space.

Your business deserves customized products based on your business goals, needs, and industry type.We are listening!
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While you keep amazing us with your Top line growth, we silently try to work out the best possible ways to rationalize Capital costs for your business now and for the future.

Partner with Us

Grow your AUM with Co-Lending and Fintech te-ups opportunities.

Invest and grow with new age ‘Hybrid Asset’ classes – now match low risk with high returns.

We understand that Risk and reward management is key to your success. Explore investments that help to balance your Portfolio’s overall risk and reward ratio.

Discover different products pipelines, businesses, and industries to invest in. Grow your AUM not just vertically but also horizontally!

Refer Clients

Help fund your/ your Client’s company in need and watch them grow.

Be financially enlightened and earn up to 12% IRR with secured/low-risk investment opportunities. 

Earn upto 1% of the facility amount on first disbursements
Earn yearly bonus on successful multiple referrals.

We tie up with B2B platfroms to help them create new revenue streams by designing lending products for their business Stakeholders.

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We Are Listening!

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Raise Capital

Collateral-free and flexible financing in less than a week!

Partner with Us

Invest in ‘Hybrid Assets’ and match low risk with high returns.

Refer Clients

Earn referral bonus and fees on every successful conversion